Question: “The Willingness to be Available — at all times is Love” – Dearest Richa, as much as I like the statements you write in FB – this time I fullheartily disagree. What should this mean? Giving yourself away always? Just think about this possibility. In a different context with a deeper meaning there might be truth in it. But to explain the matter of love this way is  -in my opinion – not only too simple but means also that there has not to be a balance beetween everything and everybody first and second and last, a mutual understanding of the needs of the other AND of the self (which is not the same as the EGO ;)).

Answer:  You are absolutely right with context the meaning of any statement changes. This statement is in context with the higher path, willingness for the society, willingness for the good. Then willingness does not mean that you be naive, that you… let yourself be used and not stand for the right. It is reflecting the higher consciousness when you are a symbol of love for yourself and for everyone. When you cease to see the difference, when you connected to your source. When you walk your talk as much for yourself as for others. When you are willing for yourself as much for others.

Following Comment: Then I agree ;)…I only wanted to show how difficult all these ultimative statements are and how easily they might get misinterpreted 😉


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