Yoga Vashishtha: Part II

Nirvedh – Upadesh (Dejection and Teaching)

Countless universes that exist at this moment are impossible to conceive. All these can be realized in one’s own heart. For these universes are the creations of the desires that arise in the heart like castle built-in the air. Neither the field of matter nor the modes of creation are truly real. Ignorance of truth keeps up the appearance. Everything that is gained in this world is attained through self effort. Any failure is a result of laziness in self effort. Self effort is that physical, verbal and mental activity which is in accordance with the teachings of holy man. “Indra” became the king of heaven through self effort. Again Brahma became the creator by self effort alone. There are two types of self effort. The present effort and effort of the past lives. Fate is nothing but the self effort of the past incarnations. There is a constant conflict between past and present efforts. When past effort is more powerful than the present effort then failure occurs. If the efforts we undertake in present are more powerful, they can erase the effects of the past. Hence one should take re-cause to present effort. The one who says fate is making him to do so and so work is a fool and good fortune deserts that person. One should acquire wisdom through self-effort. Self-effort has self-realization as its final result. Laziness is the main cause of all miseries. It is due to laziness that people leads the life of animals. Fate or divine will as people say is nothing but the self effort of the past. The present is infinitely more powerful than the past. They are indeed fools who are satisfied by the results of past and undertake no self effort relying solely on what is referred as to divine will. Sometimes one may succeed without any self-effort but this is not due to any fate or divine will but as a result of good actions of past. One should give up all likes and dislikes and take re-cause to self effort and thereby attain supreme truth. They indeed are fools who are satisfied by the fruit of past effort and do not engage themselves in self-effort in the present. Sometimes it happens that without effort someone makes a great gain. Sometimes it happens that farmer’s efforts are made fruitless by hail storms. Surely, hail storm’s own power was greater than farmer’s effort and the farmer should not cease to put forth greater effort. He should not grieve over the inevitable loss. If such grief is justified why should he not weep daily over inevitability of death? Self effort is alone responsible for whatever man gets here on this earth. Hence right from ones childhood one should undertake actions that promote purity and goodness. This is done by the study of holy texts and by spending time in the company of holy men.

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