“You look down with every question ‘why’. You hook yourself to the past. have you noticed when you get very tense, you immediately want to ask a question? It doesn’t matter what the time is. You want to ask why something is happening. ‘Why? Why? Why?’ Ashtavakra says, ‘Evam jantveha nirveddadbhava tyagaparo’vrati.’ Take the vow of dropping the past. Whatever happens, remain in ‘now’, ‘now’,’now’…..Cultivate the habit of dropping the past! Then you can smile all the time. All these different desires – for experiences, for living, for knowing – arise, get fulfilled and move on. Is there anybody who has not fulfilled any desire? Or is there anybody who has fulfilled every desire? Is there any end to it? Ashtavakra asks not to anchor yourself to this; not to think that this is ‘the thing’ for your life. Be light. Smile. Drop. Learn the tendency to drop, smile and move on.”

~ Sri Sri

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