Yoga Vashishtha: Part IV

Utpati (Origin)

Here in this creation only that which is created grows, decays and then either goes to heaven or to hell, and it gets liberated. During the cosmic dissolution the entire objective creation is resolved into the infinite being, which is variously designated as “Atma”/“Brahman”/”Truth” etc., by the wise to facilitate communication and dialogue. The same infinite self conceives within itself the duality of oneself and the other. Thus, the mind arises, as a wave arises when the surface on the calm ocean is disturbed. The qualities and the nature of the created and the potentiality of creation are inherent in the creator. The mind is non-different (has no existence independent of) from the infinite self.

Even as the mirage appears to be a real river of water, this creation appears to be entirely real. As long as one clings to the notion of the reality of “You” and “I”, there is no liberation. The creator is known as self-created. In the creator there is neither “Seer”, “Seen” nor the sense of perception. The creator has no past karma. Creator does not have a physical body. The unborn creator is of the nature of spirituality alone. He shines as a cosmic consciousness. The creator was not created but he is the creator of all beings. Any creation, too, is truly of the nature of thought, without materiality. A table made up of wood is basically wood itself. Similarly a universe is creator himself. A universe which is only thought of creator is without any materiality. All beings are made up of thoughts alone and only appear to be physical. The creator has two-fold nature 1) Consciousness and 2) Thought. Consciousness is pure while a thought leads to confusion. He appears to come into being although he doesn’t appear as such. He is the supreme consciousness that supports the whole of creation and every thought that arises in that consciousness giving birth to a form. All the forms that appear are of the nature of pure consciousness. But due to self-forgetfulness they think themselves as forms and become physical forms. The creator however is not subject to such division. Hence he is always of a spiritual nature not materialistic. The mortal beings have two bodies, as it were, one physical and the other spiritual. The materiality of creation is like that of castle in air. An illusionary projection of one’s mind is imaginary. The mind is empty nothingness. Thought arises in mind and hence there is no distinction between the two. The self that is clothed in spiritual body is known as mind. It is the mind that brings physical body into existence. The mind creates the notion of all objects. The entire universe is not different from the consciousness that dwells in every atom; even as an ornament is not different from gold just as an ornament potentially exist in gold; similarly consciousness alone exist in every object. When this is realized dualities and opposites like “attraction” and “repulsion” (love and hate) disappear from ones heart thus leads to freedom. At the beginning of creation the entire universe was in a state of perfect equilibrium then there existed a supreme being. The eternal and unborn. He is beyond any conception and description. Though he is known by various names like “Atma”/“Brahman” etc. He is within body but he is far because he is not realized. From him emerge countless divinities like “Lord Vishnu” even as countless rays emerge from Sun. He ordains the characteristic nature of every living being. His form vanishes but this self remains unchanging. He dwells in all. He is hidden. Because of his omnipresence – omnipotence and omniscience his very thoughts materialize. The supreme self cannot be realized by means other than wisdom. This self is neither far nor near. It is what oneself appears to be experiencing bliss is. It is therefore realized in oneself. Austerity and penance, charity and the observance of religious bows do not lead to the realization of the lord. Only the company of holy men and study of true scriptures are helpful. When one is convinced that this self is real one goes beyond sorrow on the path of liberation. He is the intelligence dwelling in the body. He is the void in which universe appears to exist. The lord can be realized only if one is firmly established in unreality of universe. He is awaken in deep sleep but never awake to this world. He appears to be subject to likes and dislikes and fear but in fact he is as free as space. He is free from egotism and violation. His intelligence is unattached whether in action or in inaction. He becomes a “Videhmukta”when, in due time, the body is dropped. He is the supreme consciousness – that which is the very essence in all beings. What is known as liberation is the absolute itself, which alone is. When the infinite vibrates the world appears to emerge. In truth this world does not arise from the absolute nor does it merge into it. When one who has not tasted capsicum does not know its taste; so one does not experience the consciousness in infinite, in absence of objectivity. Just as coldness is inseparable from ice. What is called as world is inseparable from the supreme consciousness. This world does not come out of absolute nor does it go anywhere. The creation of world has no cause and thus it has no beginning. It does not even exist now, then how it can reach to an end?

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