Yoga Vashishtha: Part V

Utpati (Origin)

There are 14 planes of existence popularly known as 14 worlds. Each has its own type of inhabitation. All these are manifestations of creative thought of the supreme consciousness. When this consciousness thought “I am the light”, sources of light like “Sun” was instantly created. Similarly “Water” and “Earth” were created. All these fundamentals elements continued to act upon one another as experience and experienced. The entire creation thus comes into being just as a ripple on the surface of the ocean. The material appearances are ever-changing but the reality remains unchanged. Since all these are linked to the consciousness they instantly become gross physical substance. All these physical objects actually remain as pure consciousness without any changes. The five element of which world is portrait, the eternal consciousness is the seed for these elements. As is the seed so is the fruit. Therefore this creation is nothing but absolute consciousness. By the apprehension of perceived consciousness becomes “Jeeva (The living soul)”. It is apparently involved in repetitive cycle of birth and death. The mysterious power of consciousness which is inexplicable is egotism. It produces this infinite diversity of names and forms. Egotism entertains various notions of various elements that constitute this universe. In unity – diversity arises. All the false notions of Ego such as “I” and “Mine” should be given up. This consciousness is not knowable when it wishes to become knowable it is known as universe. Mind – Intellect – Egotism, the five great elements and this world are innumerable forms of infinite consciousness. When the notion of external knowledge is been removed self-knowledge arises. The world exists because the consciousness is and the world is the body of consciousness hence there is no distinction. The universe is said to be both real and unreal. This universe appears to be material but in reality it is pure consciousness. Only knowledge based on ignorance claims to have notion of the world. In reality there is no difference between the meanings of the worlds. The world is as true in relation to supreme consciousness as dream city is true in relation to experience of waking consciousness. There are three types of space 1) Psychological space 2) Physical space 3) Infinite space. Of these three most subtle is infinite space of consciousness. By intense meditation on this infinite space of consciousness one can see and experience the presence of one whose body is that infinite space even though one does not see him here that is infinite space which exist in the middle when the finite intelligence travels from one place to another for it is infinite if one gives up all thoughts you will here and now attain to the realization of oneness with all. The cause can never be the effect of the real. The effect is cause. There is no essential difference. What is material cause of universe? Hence when you find no immediate cause for an effect then surely a cause existed in the past. This cause is the memory. Memory is like space “Empty”. Just as a space does not have fixed span. Times does not have fixed span either. In the twinkling of an eye the “Jeeva(soul)” undergoes the illusion of death experience forgets what happens before that and in the infinite consciousness thinks “I am this”, “I am his son”, “I am so many years old”. Even In dream there is Birth-Death & Relationship all in a very short time. The “Jeeva” thinks of experienced and non experienced objects in the twinkling of an eye. This world and this creation is nothing but memory – dream. Distance and measures of time are like hallucinations. This is one kind of knowledge called memory. There is another which is not based on memory or past experience. This is the fusion of atoms and consciousness which are then able to produce their own effects. Liberation is the realization of the total non-existence of universe as such. Liberation is to realize that “All this is pure consciousness”. In dream “Dream body” appears to be real but when there is awakening to the fact of dream reality, body vanishes; similarly the physical body which is sustained by memory and latent tendencies seems to be unreal. When they are seen to be unreal. At the end of the dream you become aware of physical body. At the end of these tendencies you become aware of the ethereal body. When the thought flow perishes, you are liberated. By persistent practices egotism is quietened. Then one naturally rest into infinite consciousness which is one’s self. And what is practice? Thinking of that alone, speaking of that, utter dedication to that alone is called practice. When one is firmly established in conviction that “This Universe has never been created and therefore doesn’t exist as such”. This is “Abhayasa” or Practice. It is then attraction and repulsion, does not arise. Thus austerity dawns. There exist countless universes in the infinite consciousness. Of those countless universe, in some there are only plants. Some have Brahma – Vishnu and Rudra as their presiding deities others have none at all. In some there are only animals and birds and in some only an oceans. Some are solid rocks; some are only inhibited by birds. Some are pervaded by dense darkness others are forever illuminated. Some seem to be falling in space towards destruction. Since consciousness exists everywhere and forever, creation of these universes and their dissolution also goes everywhere and forever. All these are held together by a mysterious omnipresent power. Everything exists in the one Infinite consciousness. Everything arises from it. It alone is everything.

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