Yoga Vashishtha: Part VI

Utpati (Origin)
It is impossible for one who is rooted in the idea that he is the physical body to pass through as a subtle whole. It is the innermost conviction “I am the body” that manifest as obstruction. The infinite consciousness is also the individual consciousness “The Mind” and “The Cosmic Space” and therefore the ethereal body can enter anything anywhere and it goes where the wish of heart leads. Just as water remains water forever and flows down, similarly consciousness remains consciousness forever but he who has not experience this subtlety of true nature as is his understanding so is his the mind. Everyone’s consciousness is of this nature and power; and in everyone’s consciousness there is a different idea of the world. Death and other experiences are like cosmic dissolution. The night of cosmic consciousness when that comes to an end everyone wakes up to one’s own mental creation, which is materialization of one’s own ideas – notions and delusions. Even as cosmic being creates universe after cosmic dissolution; individual creates his own world after his death. To an immature and childish person who is confined in his conviction that this world is real it continues to be real. This universe is but a long dream. The ego sense and also the fantasy that others are as real as dream objects. The so-reality is an infinite consciousness which is omnipresent and pure. It’s very body and being is absolute consciousness. Whatever vision arises within oneself is immediately experienced. Consciousness itself becomes object of knowledge, when in consciousness the image of world arises, at that very instant it becomes so. Time – Space – Objectivity do not arise from matter for them they would become material. What is reflected in one’s consciousness shines outside also; what is regarded as real objective world. Experience during waking state is no more real than the one experienced in dream state. During sleep the world does not exist – the dream does not exist even so death contradicts life. While living; Death is nonexistent and while death; Life is nonexistent. The universe exists in the infinite consciousness only as a word and idea. It is neither real nor unreal.
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