Emotions & Sensations

Do you get angry? Where do you feel it? In the head?

When you are fearful; where do you feel the fear? In your heart or chest region?

And where do you feel anxiety? In your stomach?

What happens on a roller coaster ride? Have you ever thought why everyone feels it in the stomach? Intensities are different for different people, but why in the same body part that sensation is experienced?

See the similarity.

But most of us attribute our misery, our emotions to an event or to another person. Understand it is all inside you, not outside.

There is one person that irritates you a lot, just by the sight, he/she doesn’t even have to talk to you or interact with you, but just a mere thought about that person irritates you. That person is not even aware of this effect on you.

If you observe closely, you will observe that every emotion has got a sensation on the physiology. Certain part of the body resonates with definite emotion.

Just observing the sensations, emotions disappear and dissolve. When you observe the sensation, you see that emotions and events are separate. As you move on with the observation, you realize body and consciousness are separate.

Wisdom is to de-link the event with the emotion and de-link emotion with the sensation.

Ignorance is to link the emotion with the event outside. This leads to misery. And the circle continues.

Be Mindful.

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  1. I appreciate your words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Padmini for all this appreciation, I am motivated to share more 🙂


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