What are the tendencies that you are born with?

Even the twins born at the same time, brought up in the same family, same surroundings have totally different tendencies. From where these tendencies are carried forward? Who decides?

We decide for ourselves, we chart our life plan, we decide what lessons we have to learn this life time.

If a person is born with lust, this implies that person has decided to learn to resist that tendency or over come lust; this is the lesson to be learnt this life time. The person with violent tendencies have to learn to resist and to love and to have compassion for others. Terrorists are the ones who failed badly in their life lessons.

How to know what lesson you have to learn?

Observe closely, you will notice in your life there are certain patterns that would be repeating mindlessly. Due to your certain tendencies you are facing difficulties again and again. Those tendencies becomes the reason for your misery and suffering. Just be mindful, this is the lesson for you.

More you hold your tendencies dear to you more these patterns are repeated, more miserable you become with every new happening.

If you fail this lifetime, you will come again to learn the same lesson.

Why not learn sooner and move on to the new one?



Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness.

~ Deepak Chopra


What is that you desire?

When you desire something, is your joy depend on that something? You will be happy only when it is given to you? And for how long? For how long your mind be contented and not desire something else?

Do you know a person who has all his desires fulfilled? or a person whose none of the desires are fulfilled?

When you desire, your mind becomes like an empty pot that never gets filled, how much you pour in it, it just disappears at that very moment. Everything disappears–power, prestige, respectability, riches–everything disappears and your empty pot goes on opening its mouth for more. And the “more” takes you away from this. The desire, the longing for something else takes you away from this moment.

Observe inside you, you always desire what you don’t have. There is always a lack behind every desire. You desire something very different from your present, this implies you are not in total acceptance of what is.

Inculcate the contentment in your being only then there is true happiness.

Observe inside, be the witness.


The word “wand” comes from the same root as the word “want.” Your wanting is your wand, as long as your want is untainted by fear.
~ Marianne Williamson


Whenever you notice that some form of negativity has arisen within you, look on it not as a failure, but as a helpful signal that is telling you: “Wake up. Get out of your mind. Be present.”

~ Eckhart Tolle


The Sages gave to the Supreme the name A–U–M which stands as the root of all language. The first letter “A” is the mother–sound, being the natural sound uttered by every creature when the throat is opened, and no sound can be made without opening the throat. The last letter “M,” spoken by closing the lips, terminates all articulation. As one carries the sound from the throat to the lips, it passes through the sound “U.” These three sounds therefore cover the whole field of possible articulate sound. Their combination is the most universal name which can be given to the Supreme.

~ Katha Upanishad


Over the course of your many lifetimes, you learn to turn challenges into strengths. Every challenge has a potential – every one. Equally, every challenge has a negative potential: it can result in fear, hatred, anger, blame, hopelessness, vengeance, ruthlessness, cruelty, or abuse. Even mildly challenging circumstances can result in terrible experiences of pain and suffering.

What makes the difference is what aspect of yourself responds to the challenges – the ego or Essence. In any one moment, one or the other steps up and reacts. What most determines what reacts is your level of evolution.

~ Gina Lake


Have you been able to observe your thoughts?

Have you experienced yourself different from your thoughts?

We have been caught up in the web of our thoughts from the time we started breathing. Mind always look for past associations and recollections, there is always a reaction to any new experience; then intensity of that reaction depends on your level of consciousness.

When you see a new flower (a total new experience), your mind will try to associate it with something or the other. A thought might arise, someone you know has grown such a flower associating it with a color or fragrance. Then next thought might arise, that person lives in which part of the world, then what you like or not like in that city, then you can find a better options in other part of the world and then another thought about the people living in that new part of the world and so on…..

Instead of just experiencing a flower and appreciating, your mind convert this into a thought and object perception.

It is important to catch your mind as soon as it start drifting in a web of the thoughts. When you could do this, that very moment you are not your thoughts.

Be completely present in every moment.


Whether the body perishes now or lasts the age of moon and stars, what matters it to me, having Consciousness alone as my body ? What matters it to the sky in the pot, whether it (the pot) is destroyed now or exists for a long time.

~ Varaha Upanishad


Have the life you want by being fully present to the life you have.

~ Mark Nepo

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