Identifying Ego

When you feel superior, that is Ego.

When you feel inferior, that is also Ego.

Anything that creates a difference, that which tell you – you are separate – is Ego.

When you are not in acceptance of a person, it is Ego.

When you are not in acceptance of a situation, it could be a simple moment or a life situation, it is Ego. It does not mean you find pleasure in misery, if you are identifying with your misery then its Ego. If you are focussed on a problem rather than a solution, it is Ego.

Ego always tries to achieve something, something that is unreal; Ego is manipulative. Ego is always fearful.

And Ego is very tricky. It will tell you stories, give you reasoning, make you caught up in explanations.

Observe in yourself, is your reaction in a moment coming from Ego or your consciousness. Are you 100% in that moment or that reaction is to achieve something in a future?

Identification of Ego is important to eliminate it from your being.

Observe Observe Observe….. Observe Inside.


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  1. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks for the reminder. Being the witness.

  1. anything for a gold star | awesomeasana

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