Were you born with any image or projection of yourself?

What made this image? Why is that you like certain type of food, certain type of activities, certain type of people and you think you are identified with these choices in your life? Your self-image restricts you from being “Self”. When you look closely you will discover, this image is a creation of Ego.

I am saying identification with choices is not right, but preferences are right. If a person with rigid identity goes to an ice-cream parlor offering 35 choices, but that instance his favourite flavour is out of stock. He will keep talking how much he likes that flavor, he came there for his favourite flavor, he will either walk-out without having ice-cream or even if he is having another flavor, he is unable to enjoy the new flavor as his mind is struck in one particular flavor. That one particular flavor, with which he identifies, has the power on him to make him miserable. On the other hand, an expanded person will go to another flavor and to another if his prefered flavor is not available and he will enjoy this new experience completely.

The rigidity to be in a space or identity created by you is limiting you from any new experience and a chance to grow.

What happens when you find yourself in a different space than your comfort zone? Do you feel that uncomforting feel, urge to run back to your comfort zone at the first instance? Don’t. Hang in there, just observe that uncomforting feeling and it will dissolve. This would be your first step towards expansion, when you accept something different for yourself, you create space within yourself to accept different person, culture or anything different from yourself.

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