Love vs Ego

Who doesn’t want Love?

Everything in life starts on Love and ends on Love.

But what is love? Love is about giving; about letting go; about freedom; about belongingness; about oneness.

And what is the idea of Love? About gaining; about achieving; about power; about manipulation. And where is this idea coming from? When you go inward and look closely, you will discover, the root of this idea is Ego.

Ego wants love and Ego is the only hinderance to Love.

Ego just knows gaining and demanding; on the contrary Love is about giving. Even if Ego gains what it is striving for; the joy of gaining that is fleeting and very short-lived. Ego will again go on striving for something else and this goes on. There is no contentment and no joy in such achieving. It gains and then fear for losing it. Identify the pattern.

According to Law of Nature, what you give is what you receive. Start giving and you will be surprised by generosity of this nature; you will receive in abundance.

Identify this root of Ego in you; observe and dissolve it.

You have it in you to experience this highest form of undying Love; to be in this blissful state of Love.

Love is your very nature. Just know it 🙂





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