Have you been able to observe your thoughts?

Have you experienced yourself different from your thoughts?

We have been caught up in the web of our thoughts from the time we started breathing. Mind always look for past associations and recollections, there is always a reaction to any new experience; then intensity of that reaction depends on your level of consciousness.

When you see a new flower (a total new experience), your mind will try to associate it with something or the other. A thought might arise, someone you know has grown such a flower associating it with a color or fragrance. Then next thought might arise, that person lives in which part of the world, then what you like or not like in that city, then you can find a better options in other part of the world and then another thought about the people living in that new part of the world and so on…..

Instead of just experiencing a flower and appreciating, your mind convert this into a thought and object perception.

It is important to catch your mind as soon as it start drifting in a web of the thoughts. When you could do this, that very moment you are not your thoughts.

Be completely present in every moment.

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