What is that you desire?

When you desire something, is your joy depend on that something? You will be happy only when it is given to you? And for how long? For how long your mind be contented and not desire something else?

Do you know a person who has all his desires fulfilled? or a person whose none of the desires are fulfilled?

When you desire, your mind becomes like an empty pot that never gets filled, how much you pour in it, it just disappears at that very moment. Everything disappears–power, prestige, respectability, riches–everything disappears and your empty pot goes on opening its mouth for more. And the “more” takes you away from this. The desire, the longing for something else takes you away from this moment.

Observe inside you, you always desire what you don’t have. There is always a lack behind every desire. You desire something very different from your present, this implies you are not in total acceptance of what is.

Inculcate the contentment in your being only then there is true happiness.

Observe inside, be the witness.

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