What are the tendencies that you are born with?

Even the twins born at the same time, brought up in the same family, same surroundings have totally different tendencies. From where these tendencies are carried forward? Who decides?

We decide for ourselves, we chart our life plan, we decide what lessons we have to learn this life time.

If a person is born with lust, this implies that person has decided to learn to resist that tendency or over come lust; this is the lesson to be learnt this life time. The person with violent tendencies have to learn to resist and to love and to have compassion for others. Terrorists are the ones who failed badly in their life lessons.

How to know what lesson you have to learn?

Observe closely, you will notice in your life there are certain patterns that would be repeating mindlessly. Due to your certain tendencies you are facing difficulties again and again. Those tendencies becomes the reason for your misery and suffering. Just be mindful, this is the lesson for you.

More you hold your tendencies dear to you more these patterns are repeated, more miserable you become with every new happening.

If you fail this lifetime, you will come again to learn the same lesson.

Why not learn sooner and move on to the new one?

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