Yoga Vashishtha: Part IX

Gyan Bhoomika (The Steps of Knowledge)

The individualized consciousness has its own manifold potentialities even as spices have taste in them, that consciousness itself appears as subtle or ethereal body; and when it becomes gross it appears as the material body. The individualized consciousness is itself is the “Jeeva” or the individual soul. The pure and infinite consciousness thinks itself as the “Jeeva” as a mind and then believe itself to be the body. When these dream like fantasies prolonged these long dream feels like reality. It is both real and unreal. The mind is sentient because it is based on consciousness. When there is perception the mind takes the role of the object of perception, but not in reality. Even as when it is perceived as such, the bracelet is seen though, in truth it is gold. All the beings in this world can be divided into the best, the middle and the worst as it happened in the beginning of creation. The first and foremost among the creatures are born of noble practices, they are naturally good and devoted to good deeds. They reach liberation in few lifetimes they are full of the quality – purity and light (Sattva). The middle types are the ones who are full of quality of dynamism and desire (Rajo Guna). They are closer to liberation than the third category take few more births to attain liberation. Then there are third type, even after thousands of birth they are still in darkness and unawakened, are known as beings of darkness (Tamo Guna). They may take long time to reach liberation by the will of infinite consciousness. All these beings are seen to rise and dissolve in Supreme Being. The absolute consciousness in its undifferentiated state pervades everything. All objects and substances in universe have emerged in consciousness just as waves manifest in the ocean. In this uncreated universe the mind of Brahma (The creator) perceives itself as the egotism. And thus Brahma (the cosmic mind) becomes the “Brahma” The creator of universe. The power of that cosmic mind alone appears to be the diverse forces in the universe. Infinite numbers of diverse creatures manifest themselves in the cosmic mind and they are known as diverse “Jeeva”. These diverse “Jeeva” arise in the infinite space of consciousness seemingly composed of five elements, enters into the body of consciousness through the aperture of life force. Then birth of individual consciousness takes place and brought into contact with different potentialities whose expressions gives rise to laws of cause and effects. Desire alone is the cause of all these. When the cosmic mind manifested itself in the absolute consciousness at that very instant the natural tendencies of diverse being came to be regarded as “Jeeva”. There is no division between mind and action. Before it projected into action it arises in the mind; with the mind itself as its body. Hence action is nothing but the movement of energy in one consciousness and inevitably bears its own fruits. When such actions come to an end, mind comes to an end too. When the mind ceases to be, there is no action. This applies to only liberated sage not to others. Mind is the only perception; perception is the movement in consciousness. The expression of this movement is action. Whatever the mind thinks of; the action of organs strive to materialize. Hence again mind is action. However mind, intellect, egotism are individualized consciousness ; action, fancy, birth & death  are latent tendencies; knowledge, effort, memory, senses, nature, maya or illusion are activity. And such are the words are; but words without corresponding reality. So reality is the infinite consciousness in which these concepts are conceived to exist. The infinite space of undivided consciousness exists in all – inside and outside. The finite space of infinite consciousness is that which creates division of time. The physical space in which other elements like air exist. Whatever might have been the origin of mind or whatever it might be, one should constantly be directed towards liberation through self-control. Since entire universe is within the mind, the notion of bondage and liberation is also within it.

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