Negative vs Positive

What happens when someone pushes your buttons?

How do you react to it?

It is a happening in your life or an experience, reaction is a natural phenomena.

You have two choices ~ either react in a positive way or in a negative way.

Fear, anxiety, anger, blame, violence are negative reactions.

Empathy, Love, compassion are positive reactions.

The karma accumulated by negative reaction is to be nullified sometime in the future, it could be some more lifetimes.

Some people who have experienced past life regression therapy, have gone back to their past experiences as witness and are able to see that happening from a higher level of consciousness and hence able to understand and react in a positive way towards themselves and others. That is how the healing comes after so many centuries or number of lifetimes.

You have to be a witness and learn to react in a positive way and it is the only way.

Why not react in a positive way at this very moment?

Why carry any karma for the future?

Be aware and live in freedom.

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  1. Thank you for this post…needed this at the moment


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