Yoga Vashishtha: Part X

Gyan Bhoomika (The Steps of Knowledge)

One who knows the deathless nature of the self is not afraid of death nor is he affected by separation from friends and relations. The feelings – this is “I” and this is “Mine” are the mind, when they are removed the mind ceases to be and then one becomes fearless. Weapons like sword generates fear; and the weapon called wisdom which destroys ignorance and creates fearlessness towards whichever object the mind flows with intensity, in that it sees fulfillment of craving. Of course there is no mind without restlessness. Restlessness is the very nature of the mind. It is the work of the restlessness of mind based on this infinite consciousness that appears as this World. This indeed is the power of the mind. When the mind is deprived of its restlessness it is known as dead mind. That alone is penance. The mind constantly swings like a pendulum between the reality and appearance. Between consciousness and inertness. When the mind contemplates inert objects for a considerable time it assumes characteristics of such inertness.  When the same mind is devoted to inquiry and wisdom it shakes of all conditioning and returns to original nature as pure consciousness. The impure mind is the cause for delusions. One should strive to discard them. If the mind is elsewhere the taste of food, the food that is been eaten is not really experienced. If the mind is elsewhere one does not see what is there in front of oneself. The senses are born of the mind and not the other way around. It is only from the point of view of fools that the body and the mind are said to be quite different. In fact they are non-different being mind alone. Salutations to those sages who have realized this truth. The sage who has realized this is not disturbed. Even if his arms are cutoff he doesn’t experience it. He is able to convert all sorrow into bliss just as an actor is able to portray in himself the character of different personalities. The mind is nothing but what is been put together by thought. He who does not allow his mind to roam into objects of pleasure is able to master it. He alone is human beings others are worms. He attains to Supreme Being by constant meditation. Victory over mind is gained when one attains self-knowledge and discarding the cravings for what mind desires as pleasure. This can be achieved without any effort at all by cultivation of proper attitude. By intense self effort it is possible to gain victory over the mind. They who are unable to do this are indeed vultures in human form. Let the infinite consciousness swallow the finite mind. Do not remain ignorant. Strive to be wise by renouncing mental conditioning. You are not the doer for any action you do here so why do you assume doer ship?  Do not become inactive either for – what is gained by doing nothing. What is to be done has to be done therefore rest in the self. Even while doing all the actions natural to you if you are unattached to those actions then you are truly the non-doer. If you are doing nothing and attach to that non-doership then you become the doer. From Brahma – the creator, down to blade of grass all these are nothing but SELF. Ignorance is the non-existent in the reality. There is no second thing here known as the mind. The infinite consciousness then itself is known as mind. Mind is born of this thought and idea and mind has to vanish with the help of an idea, that is by coming to an end of idea and thought. The mind is liberated by firm conviction that everything is absolute consciousness. Ideas and thoughts are bondage and their coming to an end is liberation. Thus do whatever has to be done spontaneously.

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