Acts of Kindness

How do you feel when a stranger come forward to help you in your need?

Does your heart goes out to bless that soul?

Would you like your own life to be over-flowing with such blessings?

What act of kindness have you done today?

Did you spread your smile today?

In such acts of giving and receiving have you ever stopped and thought whether another person is of the same religion or have same ideas as yours?

Your spiritual being is much higher than your religion and idea. You do not need religion to be kind and compassionate. You can be atheist and still have empathy and kindness.

You do volunteer work, acts of kindness, not because it is commanded by any God or religion, but doing it makes you feel good and you think this is the way human beings should act towards one another.

Here, it does not mean that you start commanding the acts of kindness from others but reflect on yourself and start contributing. You become the giver. The selfless giver who is beyond any materialistic or selfish gain. Start contributing and you will be amazed the goodness you’ll start attracting in your own life.

Spread goodness, it is infectious.

This will progress you to the higher realm of Happiness.

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