You have known Empathy.

How can you empathise with a person whose actions and words are harming himself or his loved ones? How can you stand in his or her shoes and understand such feelings?

When you can not have empathy, you can still be compassionate. You can feel compassion for someone or even an insect or animal even if you don’t recognise the other’s feelings in yourself.

Everyone will learn their lesson, some choose the hard way; they will come around, just know that they are ignorant; but you be aware, be compassionate.

Compassion comes from the heart, and it is a reflection of your kind and benevolent nature to all living beings.

The “random acts of kindness” – letting one go ahead of you in a line, giving your seat to an elderly, helping homeless; all are acts of compassion, but only if they are coming from a genuine impulse to do something good and not because you are “doing the right thing”. Always reflect inward with your acts – Is that act giving you happiness, joy & contentment? Or is it making you feel proud or feeding your ego?

You know whats inside you.

Be Aware, be the witness.

Be compassionate towards every living being, including yourself.

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