Present Moment

Are you here?

Is your mind in the present moment? or are you drifting in the past or the future worries?

Can you feel your every breath – inhaling and exhaling?

Can you feel your body from inside?

Can you feel yourself separate from your body?

You have the relationship with others similarly you have a relationship with yourself, a relationship of your own presence. What is clouding your own experience of the self?  Ask your present self why is it so fearful. Why are you afraid of taking any reasonable risks? Are you afraid of your reputation, afraid of what others think?

Past must be remembered and then forgotten. Let it go. This is true for any traumas from the past, from eternity. But this is also true for attitudes, misconceptions, belief systems drummed into you, for all old thoughts. In fact, for all the thoughts. How can you see freshly and clearly with all the past conditioning still living inside you? What if you needed to learn something new? With a fresh perspective?

With a deep breath let go of all the past conditioning, of all the worries about the future. Just let go.

Feel your immense presence.

Keep a check on yourself – keep coming back to the present moment again and again.


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  1. I like it!very liberating!


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