When you hear that you should treat everyone equally – what do you perceive?

What is meant by to treat everyone as your own soul?

Are we following this equality in our own homes?

Are we treating everyone with similar respect in our immediate relationships?

Our surroundings – books, movies, television shows, society – keep reminding us and keep emphasizing the difference between men and women.

An idea rooted in history separates the sexes and their apparently ways of thinking and behaving.

Is this just an idea or an excuse for our behaviour or a reality?

The ways boys and girls are raised compounds the inborn asymmetry and adds to the biological walls.

Why boys are encouraged to be more competitive, more aggressive, more assertive?

Why girls are taught to be more passive, more communicative, more cooperative?

If we are following equality – Boys can and should be encouraged to become more aware of and to express sensitivity. They should learn to be more communicative and more cooperative. Girls can and should be raised to be more confident and more assertive.

The biological difference we are born with can be overcome with being more conscious, with more awareness.

These are just the tendencies we are born with, can only be overcome with our conscious choice to be a better human being.

Start with your own self and be the contributor.

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  1. Agreed.Wonderful!


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