Are you open to learning?

Can you differentiate between right learning and delayed learning?

I am saying delayed, as you are strayed in the wrong direction, you are lost for a while, but you are going to come around. May be some years or some lifetimes!

Learning is right if its leading you to be more loving, compassionate, non-violent and fear-reducing self.

Learning is right if its teaching you – everyone is alike and in the same boat. We may have already mastered the learning in compassion and charity, but we may be beginners when it comes to patience or forgiveness. We may be graduate in faith and hope, but kindergartener in anger or non-violence.

Is your learning teaching you to look at this similarity, we have among us many who have mastered certain lessons and are here to share their knowledge and help us grow. In other areas, our roles may reverse.

Is your learning teaching you to connect yourself to your inner self?

The path is not outside, path is not another person, path is you and only you. Our path is an inward one. Teacher or Guru can show us the path, but can not walk the path for us. Skills and techniques can be taught to increase our understanding of life, death and the spiritual planes; to remove fears and obstacles.

It is we who must choose to walk the path. This is the more difficult path, the more painful journey.

We bear the responsibility for our own learning.

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  1. Responsibility refined!Thanks.


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