Have you ever thought “What will happen if…”?

What is the root of such doubts?

What is behind – “I’ll fail” or “I’ll look stupid” or “I am not sure” or “what will they think/say” or “God won’t let me into heaven” or “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself” or “I will feel awful if I say so”?

Fear is behind all this. Fear is the root and it means you are not acting from your strength.

Fear is not existing outside in the world. It is something you do to yourself by thinking fearful thoughts and having fearful expectations.

Fear is internal and is supported by the web of thoughts which you cleverly use to avoid dealing directly with your self-imposed dread.

How many times, have your imagined troubles have happened?

Be observant right this moment, your mind is looking for all the situations that had happened in the past to support Fear.

Recognise this and step out from Fear.

Never refrain from taking the right actions. Action is anti-dote to Fear.

Being effective simply means you apply all your personal resources and use all available strategies, short of stepping on others, to achieve your objectives. Self worth and personal effectiveness together is your strength.

Operate from your strength and don’t deceive your internal support system by cultivating Fear.

Be Aware. Move from Fear to Love.

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  1. I like the decisiveness brought out. Thanks.


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