What are you expressing to people around you?

Expression of Self? Or just expressing without awareness?

Do you think expressing is important? And how does it effect others?

Are you aware of what you are expressing?

Are you expressing ego in form of anger, worries, fear, inequality, disrespect?

Expressing is important, but be mindful of what is being expressed.

Expression of Love is of utmost importance and every expression of yourself should come from love and compassion.

Express Love in the form of gratitude, equality, respect, trust, care, compassion, empathy.

Start by Loving people around you, no matter what. Love your environment, Love your surroundings. And Love yourself.

Be Love and Spread Love.

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  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award Best Wishes!

  2. Ha! I am nominating you for the same award! I guess that just goes to show that your blog is deserving, and doubly so! Well, even though Blazing Trail beat me to the punch, you are still nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, and mentioned in my post here:

    Continue to be Love and spread Love, Richa!

    ~ Ben

    • Hello Ben & The Blazing Trail, I am thankful to both of you for this honor. I accept this with gratitude. Why would I not like to receive Love again and again from by fellow bloggers! Thanks!


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