Saying “No”

Do at times you feel obligatory to say “Yes”?

Is it difficult to say “No”? And having to say “Yes” put you in an uncomfortable situation?

It is important to respect your self space, set your boundaries and listen to your self.

Another part in you tells you that saying “No” will make you look bad, you will miss out on friendship, on opportunities, etc. Recognise it is just an Ego, telling you not to lose your importance.

So, your “Yes” is not the whole hearted one, it stresses you and you feel drained.

On the other hand, if you have mastered listening to your Self, you are respecting your Self-Space and Boundaries and you have an option to say “No”. This option itself gives power to your “Yes”.

Your “Yes” is then whole-hearted, and it will energize you and you’ll enjoy contributing.

Paradoxically, knowing how to say “No” gives much more power to your “Yes”.

Observe inside you – your “No” and your “Yes”, you will know what needs to be done.

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