Happy Life

What is making you unhappy?
Guilt and regrets from the past? or your achievements in the future?
There can not be any unhappiness in the present moment – if along with your body your mind is also in the present moment.
Present moment is the gift to you.
Fill your present with actions and relaxation.
Meditate every day – get connected to your inner self everyday. Meditation is like a daily bath of your mind. Keep your mind clean.
Fill your present with the action. Be 100% satisfied with your work you have done or give 100% to your work and satisfaction will follow. Quit worrying over the results.
Take time out to indulge in creativity – play music, dance or paint.
If you are upset with someone, tell them. Communication is the best solution to every problem. Do not create a chain of thoughts in your mind, deal in the present moment.
Before you go to bed, remember the good things you have done for somebody today. Be grateful to the opportunity to be useful.
Wake up every morning with the gratitude for what you have – ability to decide to be happy.
Contribute and spread happiness 🙂
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