All the Demons are within they are not outside like, “Mahisasur” is the symbol of rigidity, “Madhu” and “Katibh” resembles to cravings and aversion, “Raktbij” is the negativity inside, “Dhumralochan” is our polluted vision, “Shumbh” and “Nishumbh” are symbol of arrogance and ego, so in homa we sacrifice all of them.

~ Vedas


Three things in Human life are important; The first is to be kind, The second is to be kind, The third is to be kind.

~ Mother Teressa


See that there is no inside and no outside. If you think something is inside then something is outside also. If you think something is outside, that is inside also. So real blossoming is when there is no inside and no outside. Everything is same, in and out is same.

~ Sri Sri

Are you too Busy to Meditate?

This is the best article I read ever: A Business case on Why is it Important to Meditate.

“In that moment, I wanted to scream at both Daniel and Sophia. But my practice countered that urge. I took a breath.

Then, together, we went into action mode. We got every towel in the house — and a couple of blankets — and mopped it all up, laughing the whole time. When we were done soaking up the water, we talked about what happened.”

Doing nothing for 20 minutes a day actually increases your productivity.


That capacity to understand life comes into being only when one understands relationship. Relationship is a mirror. It must reflect, not as one wishes oneself to be, ideally or romantically, but what one actually is, and it is very difficult to perceive oneself as one actually is because one is so accustomed to escaping from what is; it is arduous to perceive, to observe silently what is, because one is so used to condemning, justifying, comparing, identifying. And in that process of justification, condemnation, that which is, is not understood. Only in the understanding of what is is there freedom from what is.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti


Communication happens with outside world, communication happens within us.
When the communication within us is clear, communication with the outside will be clear.
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