Yoga is a love story that leaves you changed!

This article has left me thinking about all the similarities in the various spiritual and yogic practices. Read it to know how is it working for you.

“Yoga is not about bliss, but about honesty. Spirituality is not certainty, but the longing of the heart. Enlightenment is not ‘letting go’ of bad feelings, but understanding them, what they’re doing to us, and how they are expressed in the body. Non-harming and forgiveness are not about feeling generous or big enough (bigger than and condescending), but knowing the difficulty of right actions and assuming responsibility for the difficult. Forgiveness often comes directly out of acknowledging how bloody bitter we are. Love is not joy, all the time. Sometimes, love hurts. Love is raw.”

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Rage, fear, sadness, fatigue. The yoga of darkness.

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