I am tiny part in this world, who realises the infinite nature of this world. This blog is about Spirituality and Wellness, the important aspects in this realisation. It’s the goodness that I am sharing with the world. This blog is the medium. It is an interactive blog, I will be delighted to answer questions, clarify any point of view. What I am sharing has been revealed to this world by so many masters, infinite times and from infinity, in this sense there is just one knowledge and just one source and just one master. Its coming right from the source. Join me on this path of realisation and growth. It is a path that has the potential to blossom your self in totality. I am just the medium.

To make it effective give and receive, you are welcome to write at atmayukti@gmail.com

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  1. gifting you with a Sunshine Award….thanks…

  2. This is an honor 🙂 Thanks a ton!

  3. I think your blog is wonderful and I’d like to nominate you for the “Kreative Blogger Award”. I you’d like to accept, you can read the instructions here… Thank you for taking the time to share with such depth. I’m looking forward to reading more.


    • Thanks a ton! This is an honor. In this material world I can differentiate myself from the rest and speak about seven things about me, but in reality I am part of the whole. I am same as you are. The journey span is from somebody to nobody to everybody.

  4. I love your blog, so I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

  5. Richa, please accept my nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, thank you for your inspiration!

  6. Guess what? I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! If you’re interested, follow the award rules I have posted on my page. If you aren’t into the whole awards thing, then that’s ok, too!

  7. Hi there…FYI…I nominated you for a blogger award. Post is here: http://wp.me/p280GD-4l. Namaste….

  8. What one experienced shaped your life?

    • I am on the path and experiences have certainly added to the wisdom! I will be sharing my life story very soon! Thank You for browsing through my blog 🙂

  1. Sunshine Award! | The Food Yogi

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