When someone blames you, directly or indirectly, what do you do?

Do you register it in your mind and get emotionally upset?
Do you dismiss them altogether without taking a lesson from it?
Do you talk about it with people and waste your time and other? time and money?
Do you pity yourself and blame your shortcomings?
Do you blame the other person right, left and center?
Do you generalize and eternalize the problem?

Then you are not living up to the knowledge. You need to practice Meditation and read all the ancient knowledge sheets.

Do you laugh at it and not even take notice of it?
Do you treat it as a non-event, not even worth talking about, let alone taking any action?
Do you treat comments and accusations as passing clouds and more of an entertainment?
Do you discourage dwelling on unpleasant and negative moments?
Do you remain non-judgmental and absolutely unshaken in your space of love?

Outwardly you may be calm, but do you also remain centered and calm within you and not even take pride in your growth or wisdom?

Then you are a pride to your teacher.

By my master ~ Sri Sri


How are you filling your time?

Are you filling it by watching TV, media, internet?

Are you giving up days and weeks of your life, addicted to someone else’s drama – fiction or real?

Or is it more meaningful than this?

Is your focus on your own life or someone’s else, whom you might never have met?

So many people seem half-asleep, even when they are busy doing things they think are important. This is because they are chasing the wrong things.

The way to have meaning in your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to the community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.

Surround yourself with conversations, interactions and affections with your loved ones.

Be the reason behind Smiles ūüôā

Love wins. Love always Wins!

Happy Life

What is making you unhappy?
Guilt and regrets from the past? or your achievements in the future?
There can not be any unhappiness in the present moment – if along with your body your mind is also in the present moment.
Present moment is the gift to you.
Fill your present with actions and relaxation.
Meditate every day – get connected to your inner self everyday. Meditation is like a daily bath of your mind. Keep your mind clean.
Fill your present with the action. Be 100% satisfied with your work you have done or give 100% to your work and satisfaction will follow. Quit worrying over the results.
Take time out to indulge in creativity – play music, dance or paint.
If you are upset with someone, tell them. Communication is the best solution to every problem. Do not create a chain of thoughts in your mind, deal in the present moment.
Before you go to bed, remember the good things you have done for somebody today. Be grateful to the opportunity to be useful.
Wake up every morning with the gratitude for what you have – ability to decide to be happy.
Contribute and spread happiness ūüôā

Saying “No”

Do at times you feel obligatory to say “Yes”?

Is it difficult to say “No”? And having to say “Yes” put you in an uncomfortable situation?

It is important to respect your self space, set your boundaries and listen to your self.

Another part in you tells you that saying “No” will make you look bad, you will miss out on friendship, on opportunities, etc. Recognise it is just an Ego, telling you not to lose your importance.

So, your “Yes” is not the whole hearted one, it stresses you and¬†you feel drained.

On the other hand, if you have mastered listening to your Self, you are respecting your Self-Space and Boundaries and you have an option to say “No”. This option itself gives power to your “Yes”.

Your “Yes” is then whole-hearted, and it will energize you and you’ll enjoy contributing.

Paradoxically, knowing how to say “No” gives much more power to your “Yes”.

Observe inside you – your “No” and your “Yes”, you will know what needs to be done.


What are you expressing to people around you?

Expression of Self? Or just expressing without awareness?

Do you think expressing is important? And how does it effect others?

Are you aware of what you are expressing?

Are you expressing ego in form of anger, worries, fear, inequality, disrespect?

Expressing is important, but be mindful of what is being expressed.

Expression of Love is of utmost importance and every expression of yourself should come from love and compassion.

Express Love in the form of gratitude, equality, respect, trust, care, compassion, empathy.

Start by Loving people around you, no matter what. Love your environment, Love your surroundings. And Love yourself.

Be Love and Spread Love.


Have you ever thought “What will happen if…”?

What is the root of such doubts?

What is behind – “I’ll fail” or “I’ll look stupid” or “I am not sure” or “what will they think/say” or “God won’t let me into heaven” or “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself” or “I will feel awful if I say so”?

Fear is behind all this. Fear is the root and it means you are not acting from your strength.

Fear is not existing outside in the world. It is something you do to yourself by thinking fearful thoughts and having fearful expectations.

Fear is internal and is supported by the web of thoughts which you cleverly use to avoid dealing directly with your self-imposed dread.

How many times, have your imagined troubles have happened?

Be observant right this moment, your mind is looking for all the situations that had happened in the past to support Fear.

Recognise this and step out from Fear.

Never refrain from taking the right actions. Action is anti-dote to Fear.

Being effective simply means you apply all your personal resources and use all available strategies, short of stepping on others, to achieve your objectives. Self worth and personal effectiveness together is your strength.

Operate from your strength and don’t deceive your internal support system by cultivating Fear.

Be Aware. Move from Fear to Love.


Are you aware of what you are eating?

The discrimination is not between Non-Vegetarian or Vegetarian or Vegan. Lot has been said on this in various sources, researches, movies. One of the movies is Food, inc. We accept it or not, but we all know it.

Here, the question is how your body is responding to what you are eating.

After every meal take your attention inward to know how you are feeling.

Are you feeling sluggish? or are you feeling energised?

Is your body and mind happy? Or is your stomach struggling?

Keep improvising, keep adding more and more that makes you energised. Keep subtracting that is not right for you.

When you are in tune with your own vibrations, with your higher self, you will know what is right for you.

The diet we eat is one of many but important factors that gives us energy. It is the fuel of our cell regeneration.

It is the energy behind our healing.

Be the witness and let you awareness lead you to the right choices.


Are you open to learning?

Can you differentiate between right learning and delayed learning?

I am saying delayed, as you are strayed in the wrong direction, you are lost for a while, but you are going to come around. May be some years or some lifetimes!

Learning is right if its leading you to be more loving, compassionate, non-violent and fear-reducing self.

Learning is right if its teaching you¬†–¬†everyone is alike¬†and in the same boat. We may have already mastered the learning in compassion and charity, but we may be beginners when it comes to patience or forgiveness. We may be graduate in faith and hope, but kindergartener in anger or non-violence.

Is your learning teaching you to look at this similarity, we have among us many who have mastered certain lessons and are here to share their knowledge and help us grow. In other areas, our roles may reverse.

Is your learning teaching you to connect yourself to your inner self?

The path is not outside, path is not another person, path is you and only you. Our path is an inward one. Teacher or Guru can show us the path, but can not walk the path for us. Skills and techniques can be taught to increase our understanding of life, death and the spiritual planes; to remove fears and obstacles.

It is we who must choose to walk the path. This is the more difficult path, the more painful journey.

We bear the responsibility for our own learning.

Respect and Ego

There are two types of respect:

1. Respect that comes to you because of your position, fame or wealth. This type of respect is impermanent. It can be lost once you lose your wealth or status.

2. Respect that comes because of your virtues like honesty, kindness, commitment, patience and your smile. This respect, no one can take away.

The less you are attached to your virtues, the more self-respect you have. If you get attached to your virtues, you look down upon everybody else and the virtues start diminishing. Non-attachment to virtues brings the highest self-respect.

Often one confuses ego with self-esteem. Ego needs the other for comparison, self-esteem is just confidence in oneself. For example, a gentleman claims that he is thorough in Mathematics or Geography, this is self-esteem. Being humble at the same time, you will be open to share your knowledge and learn at the same time. But to say that I know better than you, that is Ego. Ego will not let you share or learn. Ego is a hinderance.

Ego simply means lack of respect to the Self. Ego upsets you very often. Self esteem is immune to getting upset by external factors.

In self-respect, everything is a game, winning or losing has no meaning, every step is joy, every move is celebration.

In Self esteem you simply realise you have it.

~ Adapted from the talks by Sri Sri ~


Have you slowed down lately to smell the flowers, to appreciate the rains, to appreciate the sun?

Have you slowed down lately to appreciate so much beauty, so much truth and love around you?

Slow down now, and appreciate from the heart, feel the beauty in a way that it is felt in every cell of your body.

It is not enough that your intellect, your mind understands this, your heart must.

Remember those times when your eyes misted with tears of joy and happiness. Perhaps when you helped someone unselfishly. Perhaps when someone helped you, unasked and unexpectedly. Perhaps witnessing a scene, watching a movie, reading a book where lives were touched by Love.

Slow down to appreciate, let your heart open more and more as you feel it.

Whenever your eyes well up with tears of joy and happiness, Stop and observe. What are you witnessing? Is it love? Is this what are you missing in your life? Is it what you are not sharing with others?

What modifications are needed in your life?

Start flowing in Love. Touch lives with Love.

Be Love Now.

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