Knowledge Sheets

Do you have control over your own thoughts? Can you control your own mind?

The category “Knowledge Sheets” includes the knowledge which has already been revealed to this world infinite times by many masters, in this sense it is one source and one master. It is coming right from the source. Knowledge is important to lead you on the path of oneness. See one in all and all in one. See me in you and you in me.

What all I am sharing is a pointer towards this state of oneness; the state of joy and peace. Imagine, I have never tasted a “grape”, how would you explain me what grape is, how it tastes? Any explanation about a taste, about its chemical composition, about its shape, becomes irrelevant the minute I taste a grape. And my experience of taste is different from your experience of taste, similarly every experience on this path is unique. Knowledge is a key aspect in knowing the mind and the web it weaves. Knowledge leads you towards dispassion, contentment, compassion, forgiveness and finally to the state of non-misery, to the state of Joy, Peace & Love.

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