Happy New Year 2014

As we flip the calender, we need to keep flipping out minds as well. Often, our diaries are full with memories. See that you don’t fill your future dates with past events. Learn and unlearn from the past, and move on…!!!

~ Sri Sri


Merry Christmas!

You are the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree bears the gifts & the lights not for itself, but for all. The gifts you are carrying in your life are for others. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


When someone blames you, directly or indirectly, what do you do?

Do you register it in your mind and get emotionally upset?
Do you dismiss them altogether without taking a lesson from it?
Do you talk about it with people and waste your time and other? time and money?
Do you pity yourself and blame your shortcomings?
Do you blame the other person right, left and center?
Do you generalize and eternalize the problem?

Then you are not living up to the knowledge. You need to practice Meditation and read all the ancient knowledge sheets.

Do you laugh at it and not even take notice of it?
Do you treat it as a non-event, not even worth talking about, let alone taking any action?
Do you treat comments and accusations as passing clouds and more of an entertainment?
Do you discourage dwelling on unpleasant and negative moments?
Do you remain non-judgmental and absolutely unshaken in your space of love?

Outwardly you may be calm, but do you also remain centered and calm within you and not even take pride in your growth or wisdom?

Then you are a pride to your teacher.

By my master ~ Sri Sri


The first step is to relax and the last step is to relax as well! The most relaxing or comfortable place is right within you. Repose in that peaceful, cool, calm, serene depth of your being – this is immensely valuable and precious. Book yourself in this most beautiful, most comfortable home in the whole universe.

~ Sri Sri


Love is preserved by wisdom, destroyed by demand, tested by doubt, nourished by longing, blossoms with faith & grows with gratitude.

~ Sri Sri

Respect and Ego

There are two types of respect:

1. Respect that comes to you because of your position, fame or wealth. This type of respect is impermanent. It can be lost once you lose your wealth or status.

2. Respect that comes because of your virtues like honesty, kindness, commitment, patience and your smile. This respect, no one can take away.

The less you are attached to your virtues, the more self-respect you have. If you get attached to your virtues, you look down upon everybody else and the virtues start diminishing. Non-attachment to virtues brings the highest self-respect.

Often one confuses ego with self-esteem. Ego needs the other for comparison, self-esteem is just confidence in oneself. For example, a gentleman claims that he is thorough in Mathematics or Geography, this is self-esteem. Being humble at the same time, you will be open to share your knowledge and learn at the same time. But to say that I know better than you, that is Ego. Ego will not let you share or learn. Ego is a hinderance.

Ego simply means lack of respect to the Self. Ego upsets you very often. Self esteem is immune to getting upset by external factors.

In self-respect, everything is a game, winning or losing has no meaning, every step is joy, every move is celebration.

In Self esteem you simply realise you have it.

~ Adapted from the talks by Sri Sri ~


Grace is receiving much more than your effort, more than what you really deserve or qualify. Grace grows by Gratitude.

When there is demand there is no Grace.

When you are Grateful, it comes in abundance.

~ Sri Sri

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